Pyramids of Chi

Posted on April 8, 2017
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Pyramids of Chi

Experience Ancient Sound Healing in Ubud in Pyramids built to scale with the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

We welcome you to immerse yourself in the ancient art of sound healing and experience a sense of complete tranquility at the Pyramids of Chi Centre and Cafe in Ubud, Bali.

We have created two large Pyramids, one for playing Ancient Sounds and another focusing on Sound and Breath Therapy each producing amazing energies  offering a unique relaxing and energising experience for all.

Within a year the Pyramids of Chi will be established as THE SOUND HEALING CENTRE for South East Asia & Australasia – such is our focus and vision!


The frequencies generated from the ancient instruments played in the pyramids, such as the enormous gongs, large pow wow drum, Himilayan bowls or the very emotive didgeridoo will often have beautiful healing like effects and possible long term relaxing results. These were all developed long before recorded history, not for their musical qualities, but as tools for healing purposes and still serve to work wonders today! Sound has long been recognised as one of the most least used methods for healings, yet often one of the most successful ways to rebalance and harmonise our inner health.

Experience it all in an awesome 14 x 14 metre (46′) Gold Pyramid of the Sun built to scale with the Great Pyramid of Giza .

Besides the Ancient Sounds Pyramid we have another one (Pyramid of the Moon) devoted to ‘Sound & Breath Therapy’, with an effect that has rarely been experienced anywhere in the world in such an etheral environment. This amazing session usually leaves people in a state of complete bliss and many with very interesting and often enthralling vibrational healing results. Too hard to describe in words, it is an experience to be felt throughout the body and soul.

These pyramids are built expressly for total relaxation purposes and wonderful sound healing results for those in need. They attract the now recognised incredible ‘Pyramid Power’ with their design and alignment, and are a new innovation to the world with this total sound and vibrational combination.The awesome combinations of ancient sounds, sacred design, magnetic  positioning, mystical Pyramid Power, water presence and the energy already existing in this special place, can result in a beautiful and very rewarding healing &/or relaxing experience for all who enter.

The Pyramids of Chi
There are two impressive Pyramids to view, the first is the Gold ‘Pyramid of the Sun’ and is 14 metres (46’) x 14 Metres. The second is the Silver ‘Pyramid of the Moon’ which is 12 Metres (40’) x 12 metres. On entry you will be in awe of the effect, presentation and accoustics. Before you there are enormous teak stands supporting 3 massive gongs and in front of these is an impressively large Pow Wow Drum, and other creative instruments such as the Didgeridoo, rainsticks, singing bowls and further  unique items that all have their own magical sounds, vibrations and energy.

The Café

“Beautifully ambient, comfortable, and relaxing” is the theme for our Café to either continue the euphoric experience in the Pyramids, or just help casual visitors feel at home. A diverse menu of sumptuous dishes will sure to tempt every one of your senses. Our menu is focused on ensuring visitors have a choice of beautifully prepared and presented specialties. All the food (mainly organic, gluten free, local & western cuisine) is very reasonably priced with special attention given to fresh, generous and tasty servings. The introduction of new delicacies will ensure variety, whilst still retaining our customers’ favourites.   Special entertaining and interesting features will be included in the decor for our customers’ to sit, enjoy and soak up the special energies at The Pyramids of Chi.

Gift Shop
Our Gift Shop focuses on showcasing appealing and affordable products associated with the overall energy and relaxation concept of the Pyramids. The variety of items on display for sale will help you envisage enhancement of your own home or person. From artwork through to that special gift for a friend or family member back home, our gifts are specially purchased to ensure quality workmanship and something different for everyone. We source most of our products within Bali and Indonesia, this ensures giving back to the community which we have grown to love and respect. One exception being the amazing quality crystals at prices extremely competive and lovely to look upon and appreciate.

Induction Room
Here we introduce our visitors to the whole concept of the pyramids and the ancient sounds as never witnessed before and give the audience an understanding and taste of what is to come. The amazing story of the Pyramids and how the large Pyramid here is 1/16th replica to the scale of Cheops and the smaller to 1/18th in sizes, will be a source of fascination and wonder at how the original structures were built to a very complex plan far beyond the comprehension of most people in the world today and probably impossible to rebuild again in it’s original form. The  facts presented about the Pyramids around the globe  will challenge many in their previous beliefs about Pyramids and offer some intriguing information that will set your mind wondering about many ancient stories or theories.

The haunting, etheral and primal sounds will be created for you in the Pyramids from the many ancient instruments. Just know this will enthrall you and possibly induce a number of hidden emotions, feelings or reactions, all of which if they come through to you, are special gifts of ‘Sound Healing’ from the Universe!

Truly an introduction to a Mystical and Ethereal Experience!
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